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The B.R.A.V.E Hawai'i Foundation is always on the lookout for students who give back to their communities, who exemplify the B.R.A.V.E Hawai'i pledge to "Be Respectful And Value Everyone"- Demonstrating leadership in community service projects, being a positive beacon among peers, family and beyond, and taking strides to care for our environment.


If chosen, Nominees will be featured on B.R.A.V.E TV as well as this website. They will also receive a BRAVE T-Shirt and WIN $250 cash scholarship. 

Nominees are chosen twice a year! To nominate someone, please fill out the Nomination Form!

Congratulations to our very first B.R.A.V.E Hawaii Kids,

brother and sister team Chelsea & Hunter Masaki!!

   Chelsea and Hunter are founders of Malama the Sea, which advocates for ocean anti-pollution and works with other organizations via cleanups and community outreach to help keep Hawaii's scenic parks and beaches safe and clean.

   Chelsea also volunteers at different functions as the reigning Miss Pre-Teen Hawaii 2017, promoting the pageant's anti-bullying platform in schools and the community.

2017 B.R.A.V.E Hawaii Award Winner, Raiden Rabanal Amit Barrientos

Coloma Sisters: Lehia, Leahi and Lehani

They say children are our future, if that’s the case, then the world will truly

be a better place with these three Coloma girls. Lehia, Leahi & Lehani

are three sisters with BIG dreams. They all attend Kamehameha Schools

Hawaii, are active in Pageants, Hula, Volleyball and numerous community

service activities. Even with all their extra-curricular activities these girls are still

able to keep up with their rigorous course loads to be able to make the Honor

Roll & Principles List.

Almost a year ago the girls came together with an idea to start their own

Project to help foster and underprivileged kids on Hawaii Island. Their Grandma

Debbie has been a foster parent for over 20 years and they even had a foster

brother growing up with them until he became an adult. These girls have seen

the affects that the foster care system has on these children. They see them

coming to their grandmother’s home with only a small amount of clothes,

personal items and school supplies. They truly have come to understand how

fortunate they are and wanted to do something special for these children, to

not only brighten their day, but give them hope for the future.

This is how Project Kahiau was started. Kahiau means to give from the

heart without expecting anything in return. Their first endeavor was a Christmas

Stocking Drive. They asked 25 friends to volunteer in filling stockings for foster kids

on Hawaii Island. They had an outpouring of responses and had those 25 spots

filled up within a few hours! This outpouring of love and support from their friends

and family encouraged these girls that they really could make a difference!

Grace Kennedy

Tori Zembik

Kylie Alarcon

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