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BRAVE is proud to present the Statewide “Be The Star” Competition open to Elementary, Middle and High school students. This talent competition is open to singer’s, dancer’s, bands, comedians, magician’s and more.


BRAVE believes everyone has something to offer. This plateform will give students an oppertunity to showcase their talents in a safe and encourging enviroment. Finalist as well as participants will be showcased on BRAVE TV, BRAVE's social media and other opportunities.


Finalest as well participants will be showcased on BRAVE TV, podcast, social media and other opportunities. Winner’s at the Statewide competition will WIN Cash, Awards and Prizes. 


Here's how it works:

ROUND 1: Send in your Online Audition at! Last day to submit your audition is October 15th, 2024. After the submission period, a B.R.A.V.E. Administrator will review all auditions, and those who will move on to ROUND 2 will be contacted!


ROUND 2: Those who advance to this round will be able to compete at one of the qualifying events at PEARLRIDGE CENTER in November, January, February and March.


At each event, five contestants from each devision will compete for a panel of judges, and two contestants from each division will be chosen for the Final Competition!


FINAL ROUND: 24 contestants (8 from each division) will compete for a panel of judges at the Final Competition! 

Please call 808-371-1928 or email us


We also will have Shinning Star Division will made up of students with special needs and disablities. PLEASE call us at 808-371-1928 or email for more detail


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